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Virtual Production

We’ll combine real-world shooting with computer generated imagery, either in real time or post-production.

Our facility offers the perfect environment for Virtual Production projects. We have the equipment, technology resources, and staff to create digitally enhance content with realistic results.

What Can We Do?

We record live performances in front of a Green Screen and replace the background with a digitally enhanced environment, whether your project needs to be live-streamed or edited in post-production.

  • Virtual Production for Filmmaking
  • Virtual Production for Live-Streaming
  • Virtual Production for Marketing
  • Virtual Production for Newsroom
  • Virtual Production for Interviews

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Production Cycle

Conceptualization, production and post-production.

Green Screen

A 10’ high X 44’ long GREEN SCREEN.

Creative Professionals

Directors, writers, camera crew, riggers, producers, DOPs, etc.

Virtual Pro. Equipment

GFX Station, Cameras, Tracking and Lighting.
Virtual Production After Virtual Production Before

It's your turn to be creative!

If you are a creative professional, content creator, student or just an enthusiast and need a place to create your multimedia projects, we have Studio & Equipment Rental Services available for you.

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6460 Randolph Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78233

T: +1 (210) 802-1828