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Live Streaming Production

Reach more people and make a bigger impact via streaming with a professional, cost-efficient solution!

We offer a complete live streaming solution that integrates technology, equipment and professional staff for the success of your live production.

We specialize in live streaming production for social events, entertainment productions, conference, and advertisement events such as: launches, activations, product presentations, inaugurations, anniversaries, or any other BTL or promotional event.

End To End

Live Streaming Solution

Get a professional live-streaming solution whether you are transmitting from a remote location or at our studio via Internet on Social Networks and personalized platforms.

Each transmission is enriched with graphic elements such as branding, videos, lower thirds, images, headlines, and more to give it a broadcast-like presentation.

Streaming Platforms
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Streaming Production
Streaming Production

Live-Stream Services Included

Consulting, planning and resourcing.

Production of live events with 1 to 3 cameras in HD.

Audience measurement, statistics and visits to the event’s streaming.

Steaming on Social Networks and personalized platforms.

Personalized video graphics to enhance live-stream.

Personalized landing page with video player.

Streaming integration on clients website and Social Networks.

Talent: MCs, anchors, voice overs, presenters, host, announcers, etc.

Digital marketing campaigns to promote the event.

A More Personalized
Streaming Experience

Event transmission through Social Networks such as YouTube, Facebook Live, or on personalized platforms or your website.
Includes personalized graphics: Branding, videos, lower thirds, images, presentations, headlines, and plates to enrich the transmission.
We can design a personalized website/landing page just for the Live-Streaming.
Streaming Services Outlets
Embedded video streaming on your own website.
Live-Stream on YouTube.
Live-Stream on FaceBook Live.
Personalized graphics to enhance experience.

Benefits Of Live Streaming

  • Amplify the reach of your event and your brand.
  • Makes it easier for your audience to reach your content.
  • Create a closer and more personal bond with your audience.
  • Reuse the live-stream content even after the transmission is over.
  • Increase the interaction and loyalty of your users on Social Media.
  • You will obtain better cost-benefit performance by increasing the reach of your event through the Internet.
  • It differentiates you from your competition.
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