Web Plans are the product of nearly a decade of web development projects, but there’s much more to our company than a few websites. Learn more here.


Web Plans are websites made simple. No more stress. No more hassle. Just tell us about your business and leave the rest to us.


With decades of experience behind our creative, our web design experts are ready to build your new website quickly and affordably. Let’s take a look at the Web Plans available.


All Web Plans come standard with the following features:

20 Hours of Website Development & Services

Our new web development system enables us to quickly design and deploy your new site. To get started, we offer 20 hours of Website Development & Studio Services, valued at $2,500. Refer to “Studio Hours” for information regarding additional services & hours.

Web Administration & System Updates

Don’t worry about finding safe plugins to install or what might happen if you complete an available System Update. Under our web plans, we are responsible for proper admin tasks.

24/7 Website Security & System Monitoring

One of our greatest priorities has always been the safety and security of our clients solutions. You can rest easy knowing that we setup security & system monitoring tools that alert us when people try doing things they shouldn’t be.

Hosting: 5GB of Storage & Web Hosting

Not only do we design, develop, and manage your website, we also take care of hosting and data storage (up to 5GB). This means that we are truly your one stop shop for all your digital & web needs.

Monthly Analytics Reports

We believe in progress, but you can’t make progress if you don’t have a starting point. Once your website is up and running, we’ll setup an analytics dashboard tailored to your needs. We’ll follow up with monthly reports to keep your most important metrics in front of you at all times.

Quarterly Consultations & Reviews

As your business changes, so to will your digital & web needs. To keep your digital solutions in alignment with the rest of your business, we’ll have quarterly meetings to discuss planned changes that we need to prepare for. That way, when you open another location or change items on your menu, your website is ready to go.

Internal Plugin Validation & Security Testing

One of our favorite aspects of the Wordpress platform is the immense community of developers and users who are working to improve it with new plugins everyday. Unfortunately, many developers fail to perform quality security testing, leaving many plugins unsafe & unsecure. That’s why we’ve created a library of pretested and validated plugins for our customers to use on their sites.

Subscriber Discounts & Special Add-Ons

As a Web Plan subscriber, your business will have access to discounted rates on all our studio services like graphics design, print design, video production, content development, and more. With Studio Fuzed, you can pay less when you need more.

Web Plan 24

$300.00 now and then $125.00 per Month for 24 more Months. Customers in TX will be charged 8.25% tax.


Description: 24 Month - $300 Down

Social Media Plan

$0.00 now and then $299.00 per Month for 12 more Months. Customers in TX will be charged 8.25% tax.


Description: 12 Month - $0 Down


$95.00 now. Customers in TX will be charged 8.25% tax.


Description: Photography starting at $95 / hr

Video Production

$125.00 now. Customers in TX will be charged 8.25% tax.


Description: Video Production starting at $125 / hr


Our work is not just “ours”. The product of genuine collaboration between ourselves and our clients, our work has always centered around the real needs of the organization. Thus, it is the needs of the org that steer our development and challenge our skills. Since every business is unique, every project becomes an adventure. Here are some of those adventures.



Our efforts are to empower and encourage all users to share in the experience of developing creative, purposeful solutions and fostering discussion around innovation.


Since 2008, Studio Fuzed has been delivering an amazing variety of photo, design, & development solutions for all types of businesses. Our success in the creative industry has been earned slowly and honestly, one happy client at a time.


The solutions we deliver are guided by each client’s business goals and organizational objectives. Along with this focus is our ever-improving project management process, which centers around the following:

Consultations. Discussing your project with our team is the best way to begin the process. Our understanding of your business, and its needs, will enable us to suggest the appropriate solutions, create a roadmap based on organizational priorities, and explore options that will save time and reduce costs.

Roadmaps. Based on the client’s priorities and identified deliverables, we’ll develop a comprehensive roadmap that arranges the key milestones by estimated date of completion. This roadmap is updated on an on-going basis, which allows the client to monitor the progress and respond to any deviations.

Transparency. Having access to all project related materials and information is paramount to our clients. To make sure they do, we leverage the sharing / collaboration system of Google Drive. This ensures that all project data is accessible to the appropriate project team members, whenever they need it.

Collaboration. The success of every project depends on the collaboration between our team and our clients. By integrating Google Drive into our project development process, we’re able to work together on project related documents and materials. Through this direct engagement, our clients are able to share more of their perspective, leading to better made solutions.


At our studio, we understand the importance of progress & innovation. We’ve experienced and observed how genuine achievements serve to empower and inspire people around the world.


However, due to the on-going evolution in media consumption, it has become more and more challenging to capture the public’s attention. These days, an achievement like entering the atmosphere of a moon (Titan) orbiting a planet (Saturn) in our outer solar system, has to struggle and compete for user nods and impressions. We don’t think this is due to the public’s lack of interest, but really the lack of message optimization. For example, a film can’t top the box office without a good trailer.


In essence, this is our main goal. We want to share these moments in a way that helps readers understand how it was achieved and how it will change our lives. In time, we hope our efforts will help further the progress of those individuals and organizations we write about.


The philosophy we embrace at Studio Fuzed is the same we embrace individually. It is based around four main goals, which we use to help define the level of success we’re achieving within our projects and industry. At any given time, we may ask ourselves if we’re achieving these four goals. The answer dictates our immediate course of action.The goals are as follows:

Live a life in pursuit of that which you love.

It’s no secret that true happiness comes from our ability to find meaning; purpose. At Studio Fuzed, our work provides us the opportunity to help, support, encourage, & inspire our clients to achieve their dreams. There’s nothing more fulfilling than that.

Surround yourself with those you want to learn from & learn from them.

The key to improving our abilities has been through the sharing of knowledge between our team members. At Studio Fuzed, every team member dedicates a few hours per week to learning from each other. As human beings, we are one of a few known species on this earth with the power of knowledge transfer. We should use it.

Strive for perfection to achieve improvement.

We’re not perfect and don’t expect to be, but that doesn’t stop us from setting high standards for the quality of work we produce. With this mindset, we’re able to accept feedback freely and identify the opportunities behind the issues.

Small Steps. Small Steps. Small Steps.
Great achievements require focus, dedication, and most of all, perseverance. At Studio Fuzed, we’ve learned first-hand, the importance of perseverance. From launching the studio to developing our first application, we’ve confronted seemingly every obstacle imaginable. Yet, we’re still here saying.


Whether you have a question about our services or a suggestion for our website, we want to hear from you. It’s only through collaboration and the sharing of perspectives that we may achieve the highest level of service possible. So please, contact us.

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